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Member ID: 13456
Height: 5'7
Weight: 107
Smokes: 1010
Drinks: no
Has kids: 9696
Drinks: no
Has kids: no
Wants kids: yes

Birthday: 08.10.1993
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: hazel
Profession: teacher
Marital status: single
Religion: Christian

About me:

I want to know what you think, what you feel and what are you looking for. I want to be your own desire for the rest of your life. I am very kind and cool girl you never seen. I can't imagine my life without true feelings and emotions. I love to spend my life so fun. So don't waste opportunity to meet with me.

Looking for:

I want to find someone who knows what mean serious relationsheep and love. It is necessary to remember that family is the highest value.You have to be responsive, kind and real man.

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