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Member ID: 6548446
Height: 1
Weight: 8
Smokes: 11
Drinks: 9
Has kids: 10
Wants kids: 1121

Birthday: 2
Hair color: 3
Eye Color: 4
Profession: 5
Marital status: 6
Religion: 7

About me:

am kind and tender. Very elegant, and I have a wonderful taste. I am sincere, self- confident, well­balanced and calm. I believe in God, and I am well educated. And certainly, I have no bad habits. The things I value most of all are the care about me, consideration, and stability.

Looking for:

I love doing sports to keep in excellent shape, and I enjoy taking care of myself.I also like meeting up with friends, learning new things, doing interior design, and carry beauty into the world on the whole. I love romantic dinners with candles, romantic walks, as well as going out to the theater, movies, shows and other social events.

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